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I recently [edit]A few years ago now, I [/edit] bought a new Windows Mobile device (a T-Mobile MDA Vario III aka HTC Kaiser if anyone's remotely interested) and wanted a way to test the LCD display's pixels. I had an iPAQ 3970 some time ago, and didn't realise it had a 'live' pixel right in the middle of the screen until some time after I got it when I tried to watch a video on it and saw an annoying red dot in the middle of the frame... By which time, it was too late to take it back. I looked for a little app that I could run from a storage card to quickly test the display, and couldn't find any that didn't want lots of other baggage installing too. So, I wrote (cobbled together) these pages.

In the table below are links to individual pages that should test your display pixels. It will work on Laptop/Desktop LCD displays too, but you'll need to work out how to get your browser to display full-full screen (i.e. without any borders at all) if you want to test all the pixels on your display. On a Windows Mobile PDA it's easy, tick View/Full Screen in Pocket IE's menu and you should be good to go.

I haven't included any links to return you to this page, but “Back” on your browser should do that fine...

All Pixels On/Off



Single Pixel Colours

Double Pixel Colours







If you'd like an “offline” version, the individual colour pages, together with a cut down 240x320 friendly (i.e no “waffle”) version of this page are available here in

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